Useful Links - Golf 

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Titlest Performance Institute has exercises for golfers, how to stay fit and ready to play your best golf.

I've been three times to various locations. It is educational, great for newer golfers, but experienced golfers may be able to simplify their swing while having a fun vacation.

Clay Ballard does a great job explaining the golf swing, getting more speed and distance out of your swing and improving accuracy all in short videos from YouTube along with recommended drills to drive the ideas home.

Chuck Quinton uses bio-mechanics in video instruction on how to make a scientifically sound swing. Lots of discussion on swinging to prevent any injuries and use the bodies natural capabilities to improve your game.

The United States Golf Association maintains the rules of golf, provide recommended handicapping for many types of tournaments and provides guidelines for handicaps for golfers.

Arizona Golf Association (AGA) organizes state golfing events and helps maintain handicaps in Arizona.

The Professional Golfers of America has a website for PGA Golf Professionals with some useful video training. The PGA also stages the PGA Championship each year at various venues around the country.