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Click on the links to "Enjoy The ride" to all sorts of interesting places. educates on ketogenic ways of eating, research, success stories, recipes and meal plans. has the latest research on health topics, life extension and supplements. They take complex medical research and bring it down to a level I can understand readily. has the reading glasses I have worn for years now. They have become part of my "look" every day. No more lost glasses. I have referred numerous people to them. is very helpful in diagnosing something might have going on with your health.  I use it to  prepare for a doctor visit, so I can ask intelligent questions. has a great database and research library on human nutritional values of various foods. has lots of recommendations on various health issues from the US government for health research. has lots of easy-to-read articles on health topics for men. is a website that searches and finds the least expensive prescription medicine retailers in your area for each prescription you need to take.