Interviews I've done/heard over the years: Click on the link to listen/read.


Tom is interviewed by Louis Llanes on his Market Call Show in March, 2023

Louis and I talked in detail about some of the topics covered in Tom's new book, The All-Weather Trader. Lot's of great tidbits in this one.

An interview of Tom with Investro in February, 2023

Lots of discussion on Tom's life in trading and lifestyle. Also touched on what new traders should concentrate on. Lots of discussion on trading psyche.

An in-depth interview of Eric Crittenden by Louis Llanes on his Market Call Show in January, 2023

Louis and Eric got into some great strategy design discussions here, with a dose of position sizing, leverage, risk, and talking through the design of Standpoint's Multi-Asset Fund and design features of BLNDX.

Tom is interviewed by Andrew Resenberg, from Hawaii in January, 2023

This interview was fascinating as Andrew had his followers suggest great questions for me and boy were they some good ones! Mental side of trading, position size, correlation, price action versus economic data, and strategy development for up, down and sideways markets.

Tom is interviewed by Sylvia Muchai from Nairobi, Kenya - November 2022

Concentrated on ideas for new traders on this one. 

Tom is  Interviewed by Stockbsessed in November, 2022 with written questions

These interesting questions and their answers are linked to Stockbsessed's Substack account

Tom is  Interviewed by Steven and Mark on their Alpha Mind Podcast in September, 2022

We all had a great time talking about managing risk and volatility, managing yourself, dealing with challenges and enjoying the ride.

Tom is  Interviewed by Louis Llanes on his Market Call Show in August, 2022

Louis and I had a great time talking about the psychology of trading, dealing with clients, attacking risk, extreme diversification, fact vs opinion, the movie of life, volatility and risk sizing theory, Van Tharp, and more!

Tom is Interviewed by Trader Nick on his YouTube Channel in August, 2022

This video discussed the hedge fund business, position sizing, peeling off positions versus adding to positions, dealing with your unique situation in trading, building a strategy, and lots of other great topics.

Tom is Interviewed on Global Trader TV in India August 2022

This video discussed all aspects of trading: the trader's psyche, position sizing and buy/sell engines. We tried to speculated on why global traders are more successful that domestic Indian traders. What is the secret behind trading?

Tom is a featured speaker at the TraderLion Virtual Conference July 2022

A new presentation on some of the tricks that I've learned over the years as an All-Weather Trader to successfully navigate the volatility of the last few years. This one has a lot of good ideas!

Interview Kevin David of the Kevin David Experience

Kevin and I have a high energy interview about markets, success and lots of other topics on 7/29/2022. Kevin studies and lives success and his podcasts cover a wide range.

Interview Dale Pinkert of TraderGatehub

Dale and I go live in an interview on 4/28/2022. We talked about lots of trading topics and had a lot of fun!

Interview with Dan Ushman, founder of TrendSpider, on trading

Dan's a great guy to talk with and we covered a lot of trading topics, one trader to another. Interesting listen!

Tom is interviewed by Eric Smolinski of esInvests in January 2022

A nod to veterans, conversation of the mentality of ramping up the learning curve in futures, mutual fund/etf timing, mental aspects, dealing with questions from traders.

Tom is interviewed by TraderLion in November 2021

The early years, lessons learned, mentors and lots of other tidbits in this one.

Tom is interviewed by Sylvia Muchai from Nairobi, Kenya - October 2021

Some interesting and different questions on this one that I don't get very often. We had fun!

Richard Moglen and Tom talk about mindsets, position sizing and lots of other topics affecting new traders. We covered a lot of ground. Two engineers talking to each other about a wide range of subjects.

Rodrigo Gordillo, Adam Butler and Michael Philbrick talk trading during one of their Friday Happy Hour Riffs in September, 2021. In a relaxed setting of Friday afternoon post market Happy Hour we cruised all over many trading topics and had a lot of fun doing it.

JJ (@vwaptrader1) and Ray (@AllxDayxRayx) interview Tom for Confessions of a Market Maker on Zoom in August, 2021. We had a great time talking as the summer monsoons came into our mountain area to drench us. We covered the story behind New Market Wizards, the mental side of trading, a little about this website, the books I've written, putting in golf, and a variety of other things. We were enjoying the ride!

Michael does it again. He interviewed me live for a Virtual Summit in Singapore from his home in Vietnam. We had to do this one at 11:30PM to get everyone on the same Zoom session, but it worked. Michael hit me with random questions on all sorts of topics and we discussed the background on our new book: Trend Following Mindset.

Jacek Lempart interviews Tom about trading topics from buy & pray investing to mental topics, to systems trading July, 2021 This was another lengthy discussion and really well done by Jacek. Available in audio download, audio streaming and video streaming.

Tom and Jason Perz, from Against All Odds talk trading July, 2021 This conversation went so long we had to do it in two parts. Total run time 1 hour and 57 minutes, but since Jason is a Commodity Trader, he asked a lot of great questions.

Tom and Jeff Malec from RCM Alternative Investments talk about the origins of Standpoint Funds. May, 2021

This discussion tells the story of the origin of the Standpoint "All-Weather" concept and the subsequent BLNDX fund that evolved from those initial discussions.

Tom and Jeff Malec from RCM Alternative Investments talk Tom's life, Standpoint and a variety of other investing topics. May, 2021

This discussion ranged from stories about starting out in trading, meeting Brenda, meeting, becoming involved in Standpoint Asset Management as the Chairman, and a variety of other fun stories on Tom's life in the investment world.

Tom and Eric Crittenden from Standpoint Funds talk about all-weather investment strategy - January, 2021

This discussion ranged from stories about investment psychology, examples of markets that look like they have a bad return/risk going forward to why investors would have a hard time doing this themselves. We also discussed how we met each other decades ago and why we are so in tune with each other's trading philosophies. Disclaimer: I'm the Chairman of Standpoint these days.

Tom is interviewed by Sylvia Muchai in Nairobi, Kenya - January, 2021

This interview had a lot of discussion of a complete trading strategy requirement and the use of automation in dealing with volatility/risk in the markets. Part interview, part webinar.

Tom is interviewed by Austin Silver, from ASFX in December, 2020

Austin is a fun interviewer. We had a great time talking trading on a variety of subjects.

Jeff Malec, from RCM Derivitives interviews Eric Crittenden of Standpoint Alternative Investments in October, 2020

One of my long-standing trader friends has a great conversation with Jeff on traditional diversification versus what makes sense in today's situation. Disclaimer: I am Chairman of the Board of Eric company, Standpoint Alternative Investment Management.


Michael Covel interviews Eric Crittenden of Standpoint Alternative Investments in October, 2020

Eric is one of the smartest, thoughtful traders and trading philosophers I've run into in my days. I agreed to chair the board of Standpoint and invest in the company, because of Eric's involvement. I've known him for a few decades now and always love listening to his simple, easy-to-understand analogies. Great interview!


Vivel Gododia interviews Tom in September, 2020 from Mumbai, India

Vivek, who specializes in algo trading, and Tom have share an in depth tete-a-tete on a variety of topics, particularly on starting out as a new traders, some of the keys to successs in trading and other trading topics.


Khaled Maziad Interviews Tom, September, 2020   

Khaled and Tom have an in depth discussion of dealing with yourself as a trader, overcoming fear, improving self esteem and lots of stories on how Tom found his mental balance as a trader.


Meb Faber Interviews Tom, August 2020   

Meb and Tom talk everything from buy/sell, position sizing, mental aspects of trading to fly fishing and life. A very relaxed interview with Meb and fun for both of us. We could have talked for hours!


Austin Silver interviews Tom in July, 2020   

Austin and Tom explore how Tom got from Chemical Engineering to money management, risk and volatility management, cryptos, foreign exchange, the mental side of trading and a variety of other trading topics.


Meb Faber Interview with Eric Crittenden of Standpoint Funds on Meb's Podcast   

An hour of Eric's brilliant discussion of typical investor psychology and how to help investors take on investments they really want, but for some cognitive dislocation, miss out on some sensible choices. Eric is one of the traders out there that I've known for decades and I love the way he thinks. (Disclaimer: I am Chairman of the Board of Eric's firm, Standpoint Alternative Asset Management)


Interview with Van Tharp on his weekly podcast   

Almost an hour and a half of reminiscing about meeting, the Peak Performance Seminars Tom did with Van in the 90's, the Jack Schwager interview for The New Market Wizards, trading topics and so many other stories. A fun trip down memory lane. More information on Van Tharp and the Tharp Institute at: Van Tharp Institute.


Tom Basso Managing Risk in These Volatile Markets Talk to CU-Live, April 15, 2020

A talk Tom gave to Clarkson University's CU-Live on identifying various risks and managing them during the coronavirus shutdown.  

Interview with Collin Seow from Singapore on trading   

Over an hour on trading, position sizing for volatility and the mental side of trading during the coronavirus market shutdown.


Interview with Ameer Rosic on "Ameer Approved"

A short interview with Ameer Rosic, a podcaster with a YouTube channel followed by many traders called Ameer Approved. March 31st, 2020 during the virus market.

Recorded Webinar on Backtesting a  New Hedging Strategy with TrendSpider

A short webinar recording showing the use of TrendSpider in developing a "new and improved" method of hedging my stock portfolio.

Recorded Webinar on Historical Testing with TrendSpider

A short webinar recording showing the use of TrendSpider.

Interview with Tom Basso by Aaron Fifield

An enjoyable interview I did with Aaron a while back.

Interview with Tom Basso by Aaron Fifield

An copy of the Aaron Fifield interview published by a friend, Steve Burns of NewTraderU.

Interview with Tom Basso by Caroline Stephen

A fun interview with Caroline Stephen, a financial journalist in Australia

Interview with Tom Basso by Caroline Stephen- 2018 Part 1

A second interview with Caroline Stephen, a financial journalist in Australia - Part 1

Interview with Tom Basso by Caroline Stephen- 2018 Part 2

A second interview with Caroline Stephen, a financial journalist in Australia - Part 1

LearnApp Trailer Tom Basso Class on Trend Trading

An interesting interview done live from India and Scottsdale via wonderful technology. LearnApp offers many course in variety of topics.

Interview with Tom Basso, Legendary Trend Follower by Jacek  Lempart

A two hour discussion of all sorts of topics related to my career, Trendstat, and other things. Available in Polish language as well.

Article on Tom by Mark Etzkorn of Futures Magazine which was acquired by Modern Trader

Interview took place in January 1997. The article is entitled: Tom Basso: Objective Observer

Tom Basso Episode 700: Interviewed by Michael Covel

A fun interview with @Covel talking about social media, awareness, self worth and other things that important to trading success.

Tom Basso Live Class with LearnApp on Sizing Positions in Your Trading

An informative class on the math behind sizing your initial and ongoing trading positions using risk and volatility. Original class was live to 4,700 LearnApp subscribers in January, 2019.

Tom Basso Managing Risk in Volatile Markets Talk to Annie Clarkson Society

A talk Tom gave to Clarkson University's Annie Clarkson Society on risk and volatility. Original talk was in Potsdam, NY in 2014 to the Annie Clarkson Society and Friends.  

Tom Basso - Advice on Successful Trading With Algorithms

A link to the entire Algo convention talks. (about 25 hours worth for $199 to the convention organizers - Dravyaniti Consulting). This is a talk Tom gave kicking off the April, 2019 Algo Convention in Mumbai, India that included buy/sell, position-sizing, portfolio allocation, mental side of using algos and other trading topics.