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Here you can purchase various learning tools.  We've put together 16 videos, approximately 30 minutes each, that cover the development of a sound, personalized trading strategy. It's everything I know about trading in one place. 

There's two books on trading and one on putting in golf. I have done some seminars with Laurens Bensdorp of the Trading Mastery School, created some educational webinars and the ETR Trading Tools for Excel. Enjoy the visit and the ride!

New book: Successful Trader Size Their Positions - Why and How? - By Tom Basso

This book on sizing trading positions condenses nearly everything I have learned about position and portfolio management in trading strategies into one extremely easy to read book. I summarized my thoughts on the keys for trading success, position and portfolio management concepts and included the actual simple formulas we used at Trendstat Capital over the years. At $10 this has to one of the best deals in the trading industry.

ETR Trading Tools for Excel

ANNOUNCEMENT! I often get messages and emails from traders out there asking "how do you calculate Keltner Bands, how do you size positions, how do you calculate volatility, etc." I decided that most of you probably have Excel spreadsheets on your desktops and know how to use that software at some level.

I have put together an inexpensive ETR Trading Tools For Excel including three popular trend-following models: an Average True Range Calculation, the actual position-sizing models I have used for decades, an example of a conditional indicator (Stochastic-RSI), and a sample strategy combining various tools together so that you can see how that can be done easily.

It is NOT a sophisticated research and trading platform like TradingBlox or similar platforms that can cost thousands of dollars. It IS a starting point for new traders looking to understand trading, and it gives you the ability to create some simple automation in your trading process. This should make it easy to cobble together a decision process that makes sense to you and to customize it to your liking if you have a little knowledge of spreadsheets.

I have tried it on my Windows 10 laptop, and it works fine. I also downloaded it to Excel on my I-pad and was able to see the spreadsheet, although it was a bit difficult.  Since I am not Apple guy, I'm not sure it would be as easy to use in that world, but if you are good with Apple products, these tools may help you out. Personally I would be lost without my mouse and a large screen, but most of you have better eyes than I do.

I packaged together the  Excel tool kit with a 50 minute help video on what is in the workbook and how to use the tools to put together a simple trading strategy. Hope it helps some of you get out of the starting gates on creating a workable plan that you can create for yourself.  As you use the toolkit and have some trading success, you can always move your automation up to more broad-based platforms that can give you higher levels of automation, but everyone including me has to walk before running, and this may allow you to take your first steps. Check it out and enjoy the ride!


Introduction To Video Series By Tom Basso

Tom gives traders the background on the video series, some of the topics covered and tells some of the reasons why he thinks it would be helpful to new and experienced traders.