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I could write a book or two on the subject,  but let's summarize my life as a ride I've been on.  I've had my ups and downs, both personally and professionally. In trading sometimes your strategy is heading into the wind, and sometimes the wind is at your back. Still other times the market doesn't care, and you stay where you are.

Never is it boring unless you allow it to be. You have to know where you are trying to go and have at least some idea of how you will get there. Life will  send some surprises your way, but these can be pleasant or not, helpful or not, educational or not, and always interesting if you allow them to be.

Everything in this website is designed to help me to help you.  Because of a successful career in the money management industry and mentions in a few books and interviews, I've received literally thousands of contacts through Twitter, Facebook, emails or phone calls.  The requests range from advice on how to start, what books to read, how to deal with various trading issues, available platforms, or improving mental discipline.

I try to answer every one of them, but all too often I find myself answering similar questions with similar answers. 

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Customizing each response is time consuming and not efficient in giving traders as much information as I could if I had more time.

Since I am happily retired from the money management industry and always enjoy helping others, I have decided to put all my advice in one place to make the whole process more effective for everyone involved.

The subjects in the website range from trading to health, golf to wine, exercise to life extension, and lifestyle to economics. I find almost any topic interesting to some extent, and I love learning. 

I hope you find the site helpful, the discussions easy to understand, and you remember always to...