Money Management
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The ETR Comfort Ratio (Improved version with Thresholds)
This builds on the monthly ETR Comfort Ratio publish in 2018 by adding a Threshold for drawdown magnitude and time spent in a drawdown. Anything beyond those thresholds become discomfort and are accumulated. More robust way to use the ETR Comfort Ratio.
The ETR Comfort Ratio, a Better Way to Measure Return-to-Risk
Letter to Clients, Contacts, Friends Post 9/11/2001
Letter Tom Basso sent to clients, contacts, friends after September 11, 2001.
Selecting Money Managers
Discussion of selection of a portfolio of managers.
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In this article, Mark Etzkorn of then Futures Magazine covers an interview with Tom Basso on the mental side of trading
This is a novel new way that TrendSpider (listed under useful links part of the website) looks at prices AND volume simultaneously in charting. Interesting read for those traders looking at patterns to signal future trades.
Opinion - Algos Are Getting A Bad Rap
This discuss algorithmic trading and those that use computers to execute their strategies
Time Spent In Up, Down and Sideways Mkts 2018 Update
This study crunches 54+ years of data on the S&P 500 Index and shows the effect of timing the market versus buy and hold strategy. It also measures the time traders spent in various types of markets historically: up, down and sideways.

This category of the research papers concentrates on papers that have been published over the years on either money management or trading topics.  They span decades of Tom Basso's life.