Trading Platform Project

Here is what I am attempting to create if you are interested:

With so many traders following me on social media and this website, I am announcing that I am looking for someone with special characteristics and talents. Since retiring and closing down Trendstat Capital Management some 17 years ago, I have managed my retirement portfolios in largely simpler, more manual ways. This is quite different from my days of running an extremely automated money management firm. It seemed the easy way to go at the time and it still only takes about 20-25 minutes per day to execute all my strategies across all my markets and positions.

Recently I have noticed numerous ideas and opportunities that I have not acted on due to the time it would take for me to trade that time frame/instrument/sector/strategy. I am enjoying retirement and wish to stay retired. That being said, if I could develop a trading platform using current technology that can simulate many of the great processes we used at Trendstat, I could add new markets, strategies and time periods without significantly increasing my daily time spent trading further diversifying my trading.

I frequently get the question from traders, "What's the best trading platform for me to use for my trading?" My answer is I don't know of any platforms that let me do exactly what we used to do back in my Trendstat days. Lots of platforms concentrate on Buy/Sell Engines, because that is what people want. It sells more platforms!

Nowhere in sight are things like position sizing, portfolio risk control, volatility controls, multi-variant universe filtering, better return to risk measurements, tools to help develop new strategies, ability to use various data vendors/brokers and automated order management/checkout.

A lot has happened in the last 17 years in software, computational speed, data storage and the cloud. Today it appears to me much easier and less expensive to pull together the pieces necessary to create a high quality trading/simulation platform than it was when I created Trendstat's automated platform. My current goal is to recreate the necessary building blocks of a quality trading platform.

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I decided that I don't want any outside party controlling the software that is used for building the platform. One of the reasons I shut down Trendstat was that Microsoft was no longer going to support FoxPro, the software language used for 99% of Trendstat's platform. I would have had to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars moving everything we did to Visual Basic or some other language. Today, Python is an open source language used by tens of thousands of programmers. It is available for free download and after taking a course in Python and programming some simplistic things, I believe the language can easily handle the heavy lifting for a new trading platform. I have run some simulations in an open-source trading platform called Backtrader and believe it can perform many of the tasks I'm looking to utilize on a new platform. However, it does not have many of the items I would want to include in a top quality platform. Python based libraries such as MathPlotLib and Pandas add more features to the possible project and some of the code would have to be customized.
Second, while I can read and deal with raw computer code, it's not very pretty or user friendly. There's no point and click. So, I've taken a course in Java and believe that language can be used to create an easier Graphical User Interface to look at menus and input screens for me or anyone to use.

Next, in the past, there was next to nothing in "The Cloud". Now we have Amazon Web Services and others handling vast data and program execution with size and speed beyond what I could have imagined 17 years ago.  I believe this solves a number of trader issues in speed of simulations, data storage, security and backup planning.

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So, after a lot of thought, I am embarking on a long-term project to put me out of a job doing my daily trading duties and turn them over to a trading platform. If I tried to build what I am envisioning myself, it would likely take a very long time and I would not be enjoying retirement much while the platform was under construction. I am therefore looking for an individual with the following characteristics/skills:

1. A desire to learn a lot about good trading practices and how to automate them.
2. A knowledge and high skill level in Python language.
3. A knowledge of the Backtrader trading platform.
4. A knowledge of Java.
5. Some familiarity of running programs and data storage in the cloud.
6. Time availability to work on a project that could span many months/years (Doesn't have to be full-time, but there's a lot of ground to cover)
7. Knowledge of software project work flows and companies that have operated in the tech area.
8. Location in the United States time zones to make it easier on communications, the closer to Scottsdale, AZ, the better.
9. Communication skills for brainstorming/updates on a project that may span many months/years .

If you are interested and feel you qualify to be a part of this project, please send a summary of your background/experiences/history/skills/etc. to This could be a life-changing opportunity!