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Standpoint Funds are managed by a long-time friend, Eric Crittenden in Scottsdale, Arizona. Tom Basso is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of the management firm that manages the funds. Interesting blend of futures and equity exposures.


Laurens Bendorp, who wrote The 30 Minute Stock Trader runs the Trading Mastery School and offers coaching and other resources. is a simple to use charting and indicator engine. You can test out indicators and parameters to refine your trading strategy's buy/sell engine. After performing a strategy test, you can set it for live trading alerts to help trigger buy/sell action. I use their easy to see charts in my presentations and website.


Michael Covel's excellent website Many good things to check out here on trading, books, links, coaching, etc. Use "bassospecial" for a discount.


Van is an expert on trading psychology and offers various training opportunities and reading materials. is an excellent collections of all things trading. There's news, analysis, charting, prices, webinars, portfolio tools. Worth at least taking a tour through the features.


TradingBlox is a trading platform for performing historical simulations with money management capabilities. They can connect to Interactive Brokers for real-time trading.  I have used them for some of my futures trading.

An alternative to books with free delivery worldwide. A UK based operation with outlets around the world, I found the price of my own book, Panic-Proof Investing, less expensive here than on Amazon. is a world class, world-based, high tech brokerage firm.


CSI Data is good for end-of-day data for research simulations, expecially for futures price data, their original sweet spot. Reasonable prices, reasonable accuracy, and some very old data.


Norgate Premium data is good end-of-day data for stocks research simulations. Reasonable prices, reasonable accuracy. has bar charts on stocks, futures, indices Forex, crypto, etc.


Dave Ramsey is a common sense guy who helps folks get out of financial difficulty, get on the path to financial solvency, create and run a budget, save money and put together simple investments. He's not a trader.


Michael Covel's most excellent podcasts on trading and other things: Love Episode 400 - Tom Basso!


Ed Seykota YouTube video of "The Whipsaw Song". A very funny and educational song on the simple basics of Trend Following


LearnApp has lots of educational courses on all sorts of topics, many of which are financial and trading. One of the courses in by me on Trend Trading.


Investopedia has a collection of formulas for most common trading indicators, return-to-risk measurements and lots of educational material for the new and experienced trader.