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Webinar -

Balancing On The Tightrope of Trading – Your Strategies, Your Mentality, Your Life

Date: August 15, 2020 (Event already done, Next one not scheduled yet)

Time: 11am Eastern USA time, 8am in Pacific Time Zone

Available to anyone with an internet browser.

Platform for the webinar: Zoom

Price: $45 USD 

This webinar hosted by enjoytheride.world and presented by Tom and Brenda Basso will explore how balance or lack of it affects your trading success. Topics will include:

Balance in your Portfolio Selection/Allocation.

Balance in your Buy/Sell engines.

Balance in your Position Sizing methods.

Balance in your mental approach to trading.

Balance in your life and how it affect your success.

Questions after the discussion

How to sign up for the webinar: Click on this link to Zoom.com

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